Consignment Sale

Our service

Below you will find a description of our standard formula for selling your vehicle through our consigment service. Depending on your wishes, we can adjust our services accordingly.  Please get in contact for a tailored offer.

How it works

  • Get in contact for a valuation of the vehicle you want to sell. If we believe your vehicle is a good match for our services, we will determine your minimum price and formalise this in a contract.
  • We create a complete advertisement that is ready to sell. We will own the entire process, from drafting the description to making the right photos and advertising via different channels.
  • The vehicle will be transported to our safe facility. It will be cleaned and, in accordance with the seller, cosmetic repairs can be performed. Doing so, the car is always ready to receive a visit from a potential buyer.
  • When the vehicle has been sold, the agreed amount will be transferred to your account. The proceeds on top of the agreed amount are used to cover our costs and improve our services.
  • If the car is not sold within the agreed period, you can choose to extend the contract. If you do not wish to extend your contract or terminate the sale, only the costs storage and transport will be charged. The storage costs amount to € 99 / month excl. VAT and the transport costs are € 0.34 / Km. If the vehicle is not allowed on public roads, an extra transport charge will be applied.
    In our experience, only 1 in 10 vehicles is not sold within the agreed period.

Your benefits

  • Save time and money
  • Assurance of your minimum price
  • No shady buyers or frauds on your property
  • You remain the owner until the sale is finalised
  • A quicker sale through the use of our network