Porsche 996 GT3 Clubsport | 1999


  • Very good condition
  • Rare Clubsport package
  • Full detailing by Monza
  • Japan import
  • Available for pre-purchase inspection

Porsche 996 GT3 Clubsport

End of auction: 20 Jun 2018 10:00 CEST

Final bid:

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We are very happy to offer you up for auction, one of the last ever hand-built Porsches. This vehicle is a 996.1 GT3  with the factory-fitted Clubsport package. Options on this kit include a safety harness, roll cage, lighter flywheel, side airbag delete, power switch, etc. The Zanzibar Red exterior color is absolutely beautiful and something you don’t see too often.

The engine brings 360 hp to the rear wheels via a limited slip diferential. No ESP, no unnecessary gadgets, pure driving pleasure. It is one of the purest Porsches that exists.

In contrast to the MKII, only 1868 copies were made of the MKI between 1999 and 2004, and only 1350 vehicles were fitted with the Clubsport package.

It was given a high-quality paint treatment and a Service II check-up before sale. This beast is ready to be driven!


Wheels and Tires

  • The standard GT3 wheels are in good condition. Minor damage is reported on the wheels, but the seller did not go into further detail.
  • A fresh set of tires front & rear was fitted during the last inspection

Brake discs and pads

The brakes and discs are in good condition.

Last service and future maintenance

The car recently received an Inspection II service at Porsche specialist Willems.


Porsche offered a no-cost option for the GT3 called the ‘Clubsport’ package. This option replaced the standard electrically adjustable leather front seats with manually adjustable racing buckets finished in fire-retardant fabric, single mass flywheel, bolt-in half roll cage, 6-point drivers racing harness (also replacing the standard side airbags), fire extinguisher (mounted in the front passenger footwell) and preparation for a battery master switch. The Clubsport option was never offered to US customers, ostensibly due to the additional DOT crash testing that would have been required to allow US sales.

The owner reported that original accessories are included.  It has matching chassis number and engine number but without supporting documentation.
The seller rates the interior a 4 out of 5 – nearly perfect condition.


This beauty was given a high-quality paint treatment by Monza Detailing Center in Ghent and where it also received 3 layers of protective nano coating.

To the seller’s knowledge, the car has never been on the race track and has never been involved in an accident. The seller agrees to a pre-purchase inspection the vehicle. This vehicle is not VAT deductible.

Any other questions about the car or the sale can be asked in the comment field below.

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996 GT3 Clubsport



Body Type:



Zanzibar Red






3.6 Mezger


360 HP


Rear Wheel Drive




92,000 KM

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