Porsche 911 | 1984


  • Excellent condition
  • Cosmetic and mechanical restoration
  • Professional restomod
  • Available for pre-purchase inspection
  • Accident-free

Porsche 911

End of auction: 17 May 2018 17:00 CEST

Final bid:

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We have another special vehicle for auction: this 911 was professionally converted to match a 930 Turbo. Its owner spared no expense to make sure everything was meticulously copied to the real deal, using only OEM Porsche parts.

It was mechanically and cosmetically overhauled. It is rocking a red exterior that reminds of Guards Red that can often be found on on the modern day GT cars. It is rocking a 3.3L turbocharged flat six connected to a 4-speed manual gearbox. The owner went all the way to also change the gauges, wheels, brakes, suspension and custom stainless exhaust.


Wheels and Tires

The wheels are reported to be in good condition: straight, no curb rash, no burnt-in brake dust
The tires are also in good condition, although there is no mention of the brand, age and thread wear.

Brake discs and pads

The brakes and discs are in good condition.

Last service and future maintenance

It has just received a check-up where all fluids and filters were replaced as well as the valves adjusted. All components are in working condition and it handles and drives like original. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a complete service history.


The black leather matches great with the red interior. As mentioned earlier, you can see here that the gauges are matching Turbo cockpit.  All components are in working condition. The leather on the seats is not torn or stained. The seller rates the interior a 4 out of 5 – as nearly perfect.

The vehicle does not come with a complete service history or supporting documents such as manual, purchase agreement, service invoices and service booklet.
The vehicle still has all OEM accessories but because of the engine swap it, of course, does not have matching chassis number and engine number.


The car’s paint is in great condition but because of the Turbo conversion, it does have repainted panels. The body does not have any  rust reported. The exterior of the car is rated as a 5 out of 5 – showroom condition.

The car has never been on the race track and has never been involved in an accident. The seller agrees to a pre-purchase inspection the vehicle. This vehicle is not VAT deductible. To the seller’s knowledge, the car has never been entered into any competitions.

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Body Type:









3.3L Turbo


300 HP


Rear Wheel Drive


4-speed Manual


179,330 Km

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